Book Review : WHAT DID TASHI DO?



AUTHOR : Anangsha Alammyan

FORMAT : Kindle edition

GENRE : Short Stories, Thriller

ABOUT THE BOOK: A beautiful woman. An anonymous stranger. A spine-chilling nightmare that blurs the thin line between online bullying and a full-blown real-life ordeal.

Tashi Chotten is a woman from Arunachal Pradesh working and living a normal life in New Delhi. Her world turns upside down one night when she receives an anonymous email with a picture attached. Curious, she clicks on it to find that the photograph is her own – a semi-naked one she had clicked almost four years back when she was in a relationship with Akash.

Tashi’s breath catches in her throat: how could this be possible? How could an image of four years ago come back to haunt her now? Was Akash doing this to take revenge on her for dumping him? But why would he wait so long if revenge was his intention? She had so many questions she needed the answers to, but first of all, Tashi had the anonymous sender’s strange request to oblige: should she fight back or should she give him what he was demanding?

In a fast-paced, mind-numbing tale of misplaced trust and poor data security, blackmail and friendship, lust and a love that had gone cold years back, will Tashi be able to regain control over her life and win the fight against the man who seems to be one step ahead of her, no matter which direction she chooses to go?

MY THOUGHTS : WHAT DID TASHI DO? follows the story of Tashi Chotten who is mortified to learn someone has gotten their hands on her intimate photographs she once shared with her then boyfriend. The ‘blackmailer’ holds full control over Tashi’s life and she gives into this cyber bullying, lest they make the photographs public. This fear creeps up and eats Tashi alive, until one day she decides she has had enough.

In a world were even the most outrageous crimes against women are unspoken for, the author has done a commendable job shedding light on the grim topic of cyber crime and its victims. This is a fast-paced and absorbing tale of how one wrong move can destroy a person’s, specially a woman’s life. It strengthens my worst fear of this technological age: what goes on the internet, stays on the internet. Forever.

I love how the author has made Tashi into a strong woman who fights for herself. She is  brave and undaunted and speaks out against the unrighteousness. The emotional and moral support from her friends and family makes all the difference, where people are still being victim shamed!

It is a must-read. I strongly recommend this book to each and every person.

It is a spine-chilling experience, indeed!

RATINGS: 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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